Avoiding the Internet Lock-Out or Password Scream

What was that password? Which one did I use? Oh, that one needed eight letters and a number. The first letter was in caps, I think. Is that the password I wrote on the bill? Ohhhh, did I use one of my emails for the user name? Too many errors. Screeeeam! Sound familiar?

Stop the password scream with a small address book. ist2_1474694-making-notesStash your user names and passwords alphabetically. Use a pencil for when you make changes to the email, user name or password in the future.

Easy access to the book for up-dating is key to keeping this book of information up-to-date. It is easy to think the new password can be added later. Don’t fool yourself! Add it right away or you will again do the Password Scream! Keep the password book close to your computer and work area.

May this little book make your Internet cruising smoother.