Measuring Your Windows for New Curtains or Drapes

As the icing on a cake, make your room appealing with great fitting window treatments. It is not as hard as your may think. Just remember what my Grandfather Baba always said, “Measure twice, cut and drill once”


A few things are needed for this project.

  • Tape measurer (not a ruler or yardstick)
  • Pencil or if not a pencil, then a pen
  • Paper

Which style for your windows. The most difficult part of this endeavor is choosing the style of your new windows treatments.

After making the choice, determine how the curtains/drapes will hang and where the hardware will be mounted. Before opening the package, check if the hardware/brackets will fit.  Is the window too close to the corner or another window? Are the window frames deep enough? Check with the Manufacturer or your local homes stores to make sure you have enough clearance if in doubt.

An Outside Mount:  Using an outside the window frame mount, start with the width and measure from the outside of the left window frame to the outside of the right window frame. Then measure the top of the window frame to the bottom of the apron, the floor or the spot you would like the fabric to hit.

An Inside Mount:  Using an inside mount, measure the width and the height from the inside of the window as explained above for the outside mount.

Pleated curtains or drapes can be tricky. If this is the first time you have worked with this style of window covering, speak to your designer, home or fabric store. Ask them how to work with the pleat depth factor. Additional inches may need to be added depending on the depth of the pleats.

Tabs and loops need to be mounted so as neither the window or the frame will be peaking through the spaces between the tabs or loops. Check the length of the tabs/loops and add the inches needed to the length measurement and the location of your hardware.

Adding a valance: The valance should not be longer than 1/3 of the window itself, even if the curtains/drapes are longer than the window.


  • Check if the new curtain or drapes will be hemmed when you purchase them. You may need to add inches when ordering or shopping.
  • Remember Grandpa Baba’s advice: Measure twice. Cut and drill once.