Gourmet Coffee – Pour Over Brew


It almost tastes, clean. Smooth. Less acid. For me, this is a truly great relaxing cup of coffee. A true ahhhhh experience.

Back in the day, Marshall Field’s Company had a gourmet coffee section featuring what is referred to as pour over coffee. My mother was in heaven. I on the other hand, was in highschool and mildly impressed with the project in the house. My friends though had another view. Not only did they like to chat with my mom, (Yes, really – she was remarkable.) they loved her coffee.

After a few decades of coffee makers, I returned to my roots. The coffee made by this method is not only the best tasting in my opinion, but less acidy. Less acid seems to agree with my stomach. The harsher coffee encourages a little heartburn and acid reflux issues for me.

There are always ways to dress up or fancy up a coffee making method and this one is no exception. Links below are to some sites that demonstrate different things you can do or add to impress guests with your coffee expertise. I will give you my mom’s simple method for those days when you just want to make some real ahhhh coffee and not fuss.

Tools to Gather

  • Tea kettle
  • Coffee pot or coffee thermos. I use an 8 cup pot.
  • Coffee filter
  • Measuring cup – large and prefer plastic that will handle heat. Mine holds 4 cups.
  • Funnel
  • Coffee beans
  • Filtered or spring water
  • Coffee cup and the desired fixings.

Thermos                                  Coffee Pot

Thermal Stainless 10-Cup                                               Gourmet 10 Cup


  1. Heat water in kettle. Take off the burner just before the whistle. You want the water hot, but not too hot.
  2. Grind your favorite coffee beans. I prefer medium grounds.
  3. Place funnel in the coffee pot or coffee thermos
  4. Place the filter in the funnel
  5. Place the ground coffee in the filter that is in the funnel. The amount is according to your preference. I use the same amount that I use in the coffee maker.
  6. Measure out 4 cups of water into the measuring cup
  7. Pour the water over the grounds slowly in a circular motion around the funnel. Do not just pour straight down.
  8. Refill the measuring cup half way.
  9. Repeat the pouring over the coffee once the water appears to have flowed thru the ground beans.
  10. Once the dripping is complete, remove the funnel and close up the pot or the thermos.
  11. Pour yourself a cup and enjoy.

A single cup system is also available. Once you have one cup, expect to want more.

I purchase my supplies and system from Miletta. They have fun systems in different sizes and styles. https://shoponline.melitta.com

Gourmet Coffee Sites to check out while drinking that smooth brew.

Serious Eats:   http://www.seriouseats.com/2014/06/make-better-pourover-coffee-how-pourover-works-temperature-timing.html

Starbucks 1912 Pike: https://1912pike.com/

Prima Coffee Equipment:  https://prima-coffee.com/blog/a-beginners-guide-to-pour-over-coffee-brewing